Marshall after dark

An upstarting revelation

Marshall's Third Reich
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Marshall is about to be rebuilt upon our lordship, yes I lay my cards face up on the table. This community shall be constructed upon every foundation past marshall-fascists have longed to destroy. I invite you all to join and partake of absolute freedom, no longer will you be repressed by the throes of marshallhs or john_marshall . These past communities seek only to rob you of God-given rights (figuratively speaking) such as the freedom of speech without censorship! The entire Marshall trend shall be reformed in our name, we are here to stay and will not go without a fight. If you choose not to join us then go ahead, crawl back to the confines of previous failures, relive mistakes and choose to do nothing about it. Act now, and live with freedom!

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lolz this comm sux0rz i lieks 2 have me posst sencored by 17 yr oldz
Just tell us why you're here or why you don't like the other communities
Tell me why my community sucks ass
What issues are on your mind?