bliss_in_belial (bliss_in_belial) wrote in ram_jobs,

I'd like to bid a warm welcome to every individual who is, was, or will be a member of Pytho and I's illustrious community, cleverly titled Ram_Jobs.

We have conceived this community from the bowels of the earth with one goal in mind, complete and utter anarchy.

No, your eyes did not deceive you my friends, there will be absolutely NO unjust moderation on this community, unless of course we feel that you are a flaming bag of dog shit, ala Billy Madison.

Also, take the time to notice the senseless graffiti that I have applied to your beloved Marshall Ram. I felt that the ram needed a reincarnation, so to speak, so I polished it up to today's standards and emo-fied the bastard.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

P.S. I thought i'd mention " hail satan " before you could, Nazareth1. You Swahili muff-diver.
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