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First real Post. I win motha fuckas :D

Megan, I'm here cuz Pytho posted it in his journal and it looks like a kickass community idea?

lyke linkin' prak all teh way

I am here for fun. I always have something to say and now I have yet another community to share it with :)

Your community sucks ass coz no ones in it yet. Other wise it'd be 'da bomb yo'.

Condi Rice running for president in 08. Bush destroying the antartic for oil. I'm sure theres more.

Hmm well I have yet to read todays news so... I will have something to bitch about when I do! :)

<3 and peace
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haha, nice
Why thank you.

Me gusta chile y carne con queso!
Me gusta carne asada burritos.

your spanish sux0rz. It's carne guisada.
pssh you suck. The mexican peoples spell it asada so thats how I spell it. :P@YOU!!!

Those mexicans can't spell. Because it isn't asada. Go to any mexican restaurant.
... they spell it asada in mexican restuarants. DOI! pssh...

Actually, we are both correct. Carne asada means something like roasted meat. Carne guisada means stewed meat.
Yeah, and you're gay.
Kiss my arse.
ha! I knew it!!!! Woo!! *snoopy dance*