pytho (pytho) wrote in ram_jobs,

Marshall's Third Reich has begun!

Hear me, fellow Marshians and rejoice! No longer do you have to live under the shadow and enforcement of a dictator. I am Pytho and I am taking the liberty unto myself to post the first entry. My associate, Ryan, is bliss_in_belial together we are working to create a new legacy of freedom and autonomy. We shall do away with the fascist trend represented in previous Marshall communities, unless you all would like to be 'moderated' by livejournal nazis? Previous moderators have gotten off on their power trip by banning anything that goes against the '10 commandments' of rules they have. Have you looked at their info page? It's like a documented declaration that you'd expect an old bitter conservative to write, that isn't going to happen here. You shall all have freedom of speech and will not be censored, this community is for people who go to Marshall but we will not ban off-topic posts or controversial topics, there are no other prerequisites. No longer will you have to have your posts directed to an all-star team of bitter conservatives to be stamped for approval. Our senses of humor are also very refined and we don't mind criticism or attacks on us. However, we will play favorites and screw with people we don't like because we are assholes. With these words, let Marshall's liberation begin! Never again will you have to deal with the tag-team-trio of ego-inflated conservatives.


:::We are currently looking for one more moderator to complete our triumvirate:::
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