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I am amazed that people can hold an "arguement" that just sticks with the main topics they started with. I think when you have an arguement, you should go deep into the issue. Like having a dentist fix a cavity. She drills in deep and then fills it up. Arguements just do not seem to go anywhere.

What I mean, really, is that... people just stick to what they think is right. They come up with that idea or whatever and they basically just say it over and over again. They dont prove it. They dont have supporting evidence they can draw in on. Yes, I realize that takes experts. Which is why the experts should debate more.

I'll put it this way. I wish people would start out their arguement with their 'facts' or w/e and then meet their opponent sooner or later on a pretty even playing ground and then brainstorm further on the subject.

Now that was confusing. So Im gunna leave that argument.

I do not think George W Bush is evil, or bad. I think his actions are clouded and foolhardy-even moronicly stupid. I dont find Bush to be a bad-evil guy. He is someone who has strong opinions and refuses to listen to anyone else. Yes, foolhardy, yes that isn't a good point about him, but it doesnt nessicarally make him a bad evil guy. He obviously grew up with his head up his ass because he could get away with anything. He could make his businesses fail but daddy would always use his "sources" to 'help' him.

I think that Bush is the complete opposite of lets say people who think of the enviornment strongly. He obviously wants the corperations to have the power, he cares more about making money than what his actions does to our mother earth (hence the drilling in the Antartic). But that is the game of life. He, just like everyone else, is caught up in the game of life. What is that game? Making as much money as you can before you die. Getting enough... things. Owning people. Property. Businesses. It is all a game.

Now because it is a game, some people (Understand, this is just an idea I have.) who think of our earth, of other creatures, "stuff" like that... they dont really seem (to me) to realize that this (to people like Bush) is just a game. To Bush and his croonies, its not "hey we're killing millions of people and animals" it is "hey we are making billions of dollars off this". Until everyone can learn how to play the game, people like Bush will always have the floor. Simply because they can get control of the money. It is all about money.

Now you may go "what about Clintion?" (This is where I wish I knew more about his terms. I know the basics so please, correct any mistakes or help/not help (w/e) me out where im wrong.) To my understanding... Clintion knew the game and thank Goddess he was for good 'things' (like helping the poorer off). THAT is what appealed to people.

If you can't play the game, you cant get the publics attention. Why? Because in order to get the publics attencion you usually have to use the media. You need money to do that.

Now I'm not saying people are stupid b/c they dont realize its all about money. EVERYONE knows its all about money. YOU know it I know it. PEOPLE just do not make the connection that if they want change, they need money. Most just dont seem to understand the impact money has on the world.

I dunno I've been spinning ideas. I'm interested in you opinions. I dont care if you dont fully understand, this has been hard for me to write. Just say something, anything, and Ill be greatful to explain my ideas or what not.

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